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    I cannot express the gratitude I have for Dr. Aziz and his team at the “dogandcatclinic2015”.

    We have 2 pomaranians, both of poor health. Lately our Cotton has put us through the ringer and Dr. Aziz is always ready to assist day or night.

    Our latest crisis was early last week. I called and got the answering machine. Knowing the clinic was open til 9, I raced down the highway with Cotton in
    my arms. He was shaking, couldn’t walk, I thought he was having a stroke or heart attack.
    Upon arriving at the clinic I ran in the door and just yelled “Dr. Aziz help!!”, he came running, took us in immediately, assessed our furbaby and realized he
    was in a lot of pain.
    Dr. Aziz took over 1 1/4 hours working with us. It took 3 pain shots to help our boy, but Dr. Aziz got him through to discover he had a gastrol intestinal infection.
    Antibiotics were given. A new diet plan (food to be ordered, in the meantime boiled chicken breast and rice only)
    It didn’t stop there. Dr. Aziz phones once or twice when a animal is in crisis to be sure we are following the medication, the food protocol and most importantly
    he wants to know how our furbabies are holding up.
    He always answers my questions. He researches, he does not make quick judgements, he doesn’t believe in shoving medication into a animal unless need be, he, as I do believes in natural remedies when at all possible.
    Our Cotton is a very timid pomaranian, he’s been through a lot with a collapsed trachea, thyroid issue’s, anxiety troubles and now the tummy trouble. Through all
    of this Dr. Aziz has been here for us day or night. Today I had to call as Cotton is bound up, he mixed up a laxative and it was ready for me to pick up.
    Our Mariah is aging, he’s on top of me to get her walking 15 mins. at a time, keep her food intake down (she’s a bit plump).
    Dr. Aziz and his staff care for animals. Heck Amanda (receptionist) brings her cat to work with her. Priceless!!!
    I don’t know what more to say, other than the rates for vet fees are very reasonable.
    I had to recommend Dr. Aziz to my sister, she had to put her furbaby Suzie of 14 years down and Dr. Aziz did so and made her feel she did the right thing. It was a traumatizing time for my sister, her husband and 2 young girls, but Dr. Aziz and staff did everything with dignity and allowed them their time with Suzie to say goodbye.

    This is a vet you can count on day or night. He has a 24 hour answering service, does house calls, emergency calls. When your pet is hurting this is the Dr. to call. He will get to you as soon as possible or get you into his office asap. His staff understands when a person calls in anguish as their pet is not well. They make room for you.

    Thank you Dr. Aziz, Amanda and the rest of the team at “dogandcatclinic2015”, i hope you put this on your testimonial site. People need to see how much you’ve done for us.

    Respectfully and gratefully

    Colleen and Allan Bunston