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The Dog & Cat Clinic of Niagara first opened its doors in September 1995 and has since been providing its feline and K-9 patients and their owners with the best of veterinary care.

Our professional animal healthcare team seeks to provide the best possible medical, surgical, and dental care for our highly valued patients. Our focus is preventative medicine, best achieved by regular examinations, careful history taking and dialogue with each caregiver, life stage nutritional counseling, and wellness testing to help identify problems early when they are most treatable. Our goal for each of our patients is that they live long, healthy and enriched lives.

In addition to promoting preventative health care, we are committed to prompt diagnostic services and treatment when patients are ill. We promote a high level of client education and involvement, as we want our clients to fully understand the needs of their pets and know that they too are an integral part of our team. This is especially important during periods of illness, as this will help with decision-making, recovery and follow-up treatment.

Continuing education is extremely important for our entire team, as we strive to be well versed in the latest information, research, technology, products, and equipment that pertain to dogs and cats. In turn, we endeavor to pass that information along to our clients so that they are well informed to make the best possible choices for the health of their pets during all life stages. We look forward to having you and your pet join our clinic family and allow us to provide them with the best of care.