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Canadian VMA


The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association is the voice for the Veterinmary profession and is dedicated to serving and representing the Veterinarians of Canada. They are committed to excellence within the profession and to the wellbeing of animals, and promote public awareness of the contribution of animals and Veterinarians to society.



The Ontario Vetreinary Medical Association represents Veterinarians across Ontario to advance and promote excellence in Veterinary medicine. They seek the betterment of animal health and the protection of human health.

AAFP – American Association of Feline Practitioners

The AAFP supports high standards of practice, continuing education, and scientific investigations, all in relation to the welfare of the feline species.

AAS LogoAnimal Assistance Society of the Niagara Region

The Animal Assistance Society of Niagara, founded over 30 years ago, is a 100% volunteer based registered charity that provides:

• Veterinary care, spay/neuter procedures and shelter to stray companion animals

• Emergency veterinary assistance and spay/neuter assistance to companion animal guardians who are financially limited

• Foster, PetSmart & Pet Valu adoption programs to secure suitable permanent homes for unwanted or abandoned companion animals


ASPCA – poison-control

This website offers resources pertaining to products and plants that are toxic to companion animals.


Government of Ontario – Rabies Reporter


This government link offers up-tp-date information on Rabies in Ontario and provides an extensive explanation of the disease and its transmission.

Bayer Animal Health

Bayer Animal Health offers resources and educational materials pertaining to a variety of parasites afflicting companion animals and offers treatment solutions.

Companion Animal Parasite Council

Learn more about how your pets’ parasites can affect your health.

Cornell Feline Health Center

The Cornell Health Center is a veterinary medical specialty center devoted to improving the health and wellbeing of cats.

Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB)

FAB is a charity dedicated to promoting the health and welfare of cats through knowledge that will help us all be better feline caregivers.

Gateway Pet Memorial

Gateway provides services including communal and individual pet cremations, viewing and visitation facilities, and a variety of memorial products. Gateway is the pet crematorium used by the Cat Clinic.


Providing information about Hill`s pet food, including their retail and prescription diets.

Lincoln County Humane Society (LCHS)

The LCHS is a not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to offering compassionate and rescue care for animals, as well as offering pet adoption services and cruelty investigations.

Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians (OAVT)

OAVT supports and advocates for Registered Veterinary Technicians (members), and achieves innovation and integrity within the industry.


This website provides information about the retail and veterinary exclusive lines of cat food produced by Purina.

Royal Canin & Medi-Cal

Webpage for the retail pet food provider Royal Canin and the veterinary exclusive line of pet food known as Medi-Cal. Here you can read up on the various diets available to meet the needs of your feline and learn about an array of nutritional issues.

Treat Fleas (Revolution)

Pfizer Animal Health provides an educational site that explains the flea life cycle, as well as how to protect your cat from fleas and other parasites.


Trupanaion offers simple, fair, and affordable pet insurance coverage that Canadian pet owners have come to trust for more than a decade.

Veterinary Information Network (VIN)

VIN promotes continuing education of veterinarians and the entire veterinary healthcare team. This site offers many discussion boards that allow veterinarians to discuss and consult on cases, providing a resource to offer valuable input to one another.