Feline and Canine Wellness Consultation Overview

Feline and Canine Wellness Consultations – Expert advice from your veterinarians serving Niagara, Welland and St. Catharines.

Our Healthcare Team at the Dog & Cat Clinic of Niagara includes you! Your careful observations at home are important for the overall well being of your cat or dog and our goal is to make a difference in your pet’s life by working with you.

Cats are the “Masters of Disguise!” Their natural instincts for survival predispose them to hide when they are not well. Cats and dogs also age at a much quicker rate than humans, meaning that significant changes in your pet’s health happen in a very short time.

For these reasons, Wellness Consultations are essential to ensure the health and well being of your canine or feline and provide them the best chance for a happy, healthy and long life.

What happens during a Wellness Consultation?

The specific components of a Wellness Consultation will depend on the unique situation of your pet. Age, breed, sex, lifestyle, and the presence of any known medical conditions are taken into consideration. “Consulting” with you and gathering information about their history provides a unique window into their daily life and helps determine their care.
Every consultation always includes a “nose to tail” complete physical examination by our Veterinarian.

However, that is not all that happens! At our Niagara veterinary hospital you and your cat or dog will spend time with each member of our healthcare team in order to complete the steps outlined below.

Here’s a look at the steps in our comprehensive Wellness Consultations…

  1. An update from you! Every consultation begins with a discussion about your pet’s day to day life. We will ask you a series of questions about their environment and daily activity. We always want to know what makes your cat or dog unique! Often the answers to your questions will give us some subtle clues about his/her overall health. Come with a list of questions—no question is too big, small, or silly!
  2. Nutritional Counseling! You are what you eat—and so is your pet! Every Wellness Consultation is your opportunity to ask questions and gain valuable knowledge from our team of Certified Nutritional Counselors. A key factor in wellness care is assuring quality nutrition is provided specific for each life stage, weight management, disease prevention and/or disease management. Many pets can be finicky about their food and we understand that! We offer many choices and many of our high quality diets are guaranteed for palatability.
  3. Parasite Detection and Prevention! It is important to know that every cat and dog needs to be dewormed as part of their wellness care. This treatment primarily addresses roundworms in cats since they are carriers and these worms are contagious to people. Carriers include indoor cats! As part of your pet’s wellness care, we will discuss their individual risk of contracting other common parasites, such as fleas and tapeworm. Your kitty or puppy also requires a yearly fecal analysis (testing of a stool sample) to look for protozoan parasites that live in stagnant water. Like fleas, these parasites can hitch a ride into your home on you and your belongings.
  4. Oral Health Assessment! Approximately 85% of all cats have some form of dental disease at just a few years of age. This process generally begins with an accumulation of soft plaque on the teeth and this inflames the gums. Cats are also prone to a unique cavity below the gum line, known as Feline Odontoclastic Resorption Lesions (FORLs). These cavities can be quite painful but cats rarely show us this pain. A thorough oral health assessment, as part of a Wellness Consultation, allows early intervention. Check out our information about Dentistry for more great information on Oral Health.
  5. Laboratory Testing! Screenings are important at any age. Blood and urine testing are vital for assessing their overall health. When laboratory testing is not performed until a cat or dog is showing signs of illness, abnormal results are often quite advanced. Early Wellness Testing can detect subtle changes and allow for early intervention, even before your pet is showing any signs of being unwell.
  6. Viral Screening!  It is particularly important to test your pet for viruses when they are a kitten or puppy but knowing their viral status is important at any age. We will discuss your pet’s risk and the importance of testing during your Wellness Consultation.
  7. What about Vaccinations? Vaccinations are important but, as you can see, they are not the only reason we should see you and your cat regularly. Indoor cats do require the Rabies Vaccine yearly—it is required by law. Other vaccines will be customized based on the risk factors determined during your Wellness Consultation, which means that the vaccinations given to your pet are dependent on many factors. For more information, check out the information on dog and cat vaccinations.
  8. Relationships! We love to establish a great sense of rapport with all of our clients and patients. We recognize that we can provide a lot of information at once, so at the end of each Wellness Consultation we will summarize your visit and outline the necessary steps to maintain your pet’s health. Our aim is for you to leave with a clear understanding and feel assured that we are here at any time to answer your questions. Additionally, we value what you have shared with us and your input. We strive to continue our relationship following an appointment by checking in for updates and extending any help that we can. Stay in touch and keep well!