Your first point of contact with our clinic will be to come by for a visit or reach us by phone. We would be happy to see or hear from you and become acquainted. Our staff will answer any questions you may have and can take you through the process of arranging a time to bring your pet into our clinic.Insert picture of front area/phone
Our clinic has a very calm feeling. We strive to bring our patients right into their examination room upon their arrival at our clinic in order to reduce any unnecessary stress. We appreciate that our clients are very much involved in the examination process, as they are just as much a part of the healthcare team as we are. As such, we encourage them to participate in their pet’s healthcare and share as much as they can about any concerns or goals that they may have for their companion. Insert examination room photo with scratching post
At every visit our Technician and Doctor perform a complete physical examination of your cat or dog. Important components of the examination include, but are not limited to, heart rate, respiration, temperature, weight, dental assessment, ocular and ear examination, palpation of organs, evaluation of coat and skin, checking for fleas and parasites, and obtaining as much knowledge as possible about their history and lifestyle. From there our Doctor will determine exactly what is needed to achieve and/or maintain optimal health. Insert exam room photo of weight check
With each examination we strive to discuss a number of issues with our clients to educate them as much as possible so that they are giving the best of care at home. Pet nutrition is a strong passion for our entire staff, and each member is a qualified Nutrition Counsellor. We know the importance of a good quality diet and its benefit to one’s overall health. In addition to nutrition, we always like to discuss some of the most common or recurring issues that may affect pets in their everyday routines. Flea and parasite control, water consumption, environmental stimulation, grooming, hairballs, litter box activity, safety, wellness testing and vaccinations will most often always be a part of discussion, as we want our clients to be well educated, equipped and proactive with regards to these matters. Insert exam room discussion picture with client & pictures of Nutritional Counselling Awards 

In many cases our patients may need diagnostic testing, not only when specific symptoms are present but also as the cornerstone of preventive medicine. Our clinic has an in-house laboratory that processes blood, urine, and fecal samples for evaluation. We are equipped with digital radiography and an ultrasound machine. This allows for accurate and prompt results. With our years of experience and our sole focus being felines, you can be assured that we have a wealth of knowledge and familiarity in both preventive medicine and disease treatment. Additionally, our emphasis on continuing education allows us to be well-informed and up to date on the latest breakthroughs in veterinary medicine.Insert pictures of Michelle at microscope, digital rads, and ultrasound

We are equipped to deal with complex cases in need of a series of treatments and hospitalization. However, when patients need overnight hospitalization in intensive care we may refer them to the Niagara Veterinary Emergency General Image - Dog beagleClinic. In very multifaceted cases that require an array of specialists we may refer to the Ontario Veterinary College Small Animal Clinic at the University of Guelph, which is a teaching and research hospital (, or to Mississauga-Oakville Emergency Referral Services ( On occasion we are able to have specialists brought to our clinic. Insert picture with and IV pump and surgery picture
Regardless of the reason for your pet’s visit, our staff will always ensure that there are no questions left unanswered. Upon completion of each examination we will explain any necessary treatments and outline the required follow up or next steps. When you leave our clinic we want you to feel reassured that you completely understand our recommendations and know exactly what to do between appointments. Moreover, we encourage our clients to call at any time with any questions or concerns that arise. Your pet’s health is extremely important to us and we are/would be honoured to be their healthcare provider. Insert picture of front area – couch and client pamphlets