Questions to consider when choosing a Veterinary Clinic:

  • Is the facility clean and professional?
  • Do you trust and feel comfortable with the technicians and front office employees? Are they approachable, knowledgeable, and friendly?
  • Are you confident in the Veterinarian and his/her standard of medicine?
  • Are diagnostics (such as blood work, X-Rays, and ultrasound) and routine surgeries done on the premises, or are patients referred elsewhere?
  • Inquire about their vaccine, parasite control, pain relief, and anesthetic protocols. Is the clinic clear in explaining these and do you feel reassured in their principles of practice?
  • Are services such as grooming, nail trims, and nutritional consultations available?
  • Ask to visit the hospital and see where patients are treated. If your pet has to spend the night, you want to make sure the cages are clean, odour free, and comfortable.